Q: What are SpaceShips and how do they work within the OogaVerse?

A: SpaceShips are NFTs that allow players to participate in Space Races, earn Mystery Shards, and access various utilities and rewards within the OogaVerse. They serve as a gateway for new players and enrich the gaming experience with unique challenges and opportunities.

Q: How can I earn Mystery Shards?

A: Players can earn Mystery Shards by participating in Space Races, completing Mystery Missions, and through specific activities and achievements within the OogaVerse platform.

Q: What are Mystery Boxes and how do I obtain them?

A: Mystery Boxes are crafted using Mystery Shards and contain valuable items such as weapons and armour for Meka Crew members or upgrades for SpaceShips. These items become accessible and can be used to enhance gameplay in Stage 2.

Q: Can I trade my Mystery Boxes?

A: Currently, Mystery Boxes are designed to be non-tradable to focus on direct gameplay and player progression. However, this may change as Stage 2 approaches, potentially allowing trading to enhance the dynamic economy.

Q: What is the Quantum Forge and how does it affect Baby Oogas?

A: The Quantum Forge is a feature that allows Baby Oogas to transform into Cosmic Crafters at a risk. Players send 1 Baby Ooga and 10,000 DMT into the forge, with a 10% success rate. Successful transformations yield Cosmic Crafter Babies, while the DMT is consumed in all attempts.

Q: How are the gas fees from Mystery Missions utilised?

A: 50% of the ETH collected from Mystery Missions is allocated to the development wallet, aiding in the further development of Stage 2. The remaining 50% contributes to the NFT Prize Pool, rewarding the top players in the weekly leaderboard with Baby Oogas, equivalent to the collected ETH value, enhancing both the game's development and competitive reward structure.

Q: What incentives are there for early participation in the platform?

A: Early participants benefit from a points multiplier for Meka Points earned during the first four days following the sale, with multipliers ranging from 10x on day 1 to 2x on day 4, encouraging and rewarding early and active engagement.

Q: How does the referral system work for the SpaceShips sale?

A: Detailed information will be shared soon, including how to earn commissions through referrals.

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