• OogaVerse: NFT and blockchain gaming ecosystem.

  • SpaceShips: NFTs serving as vehicles for players to engage in Space Races and earn Stardust within the upcoming Stage 2.

  • MekaApes Ascension: The upcoming PvP element of Stage 2 of the MekaApes game, launching in Q3 2024, introducing PvP systems and enhanced utility for all assets.

  • Mystery Shards: In-game currency used for participating in Space Races, crafting Mystery Boxes, and more.

  • Mystery Boxes: NFTs containing items for Meka Crew members or SpaceShip upgrades in stage 2, obtainable through crafting with Mystery Shards.

  • Cosmic Crafter Babies: Special Baby Oogas transformed through the Quantum Forge, eligible for weekly rewards from the Cosmic Crafter Mystery Box Pool.

  • Quantum Forge: A high-risk, high-reward feature allowing Baby Oogas to evolve into Cosmic Crafters.

  • DMT: Main / premium currency within the OogaVerse for various transactions, including rerolls of Mystery Boxes and Space Race times.

  • Meka Points: Points earned through staking MekaApes, participating in Space Races, and crafting Mystery Boxes, contributing to leaderboard rankings and potential rewards.

  • NFT Prize Pool: A collection of rewards, primarily Baby Oogas, distributed to top players in weekly leaderboards based on Space Race times.

  • Blast L2 Blockchain: The blockchain platform hosting the Space Races, SpaceShip NFTs and transactions, known for its native yield and gas fee rebates.

  • Stardust: Will be the main currency of MekaApes Ascension. Will be rewarded to Meka Crews in PvP battles and earned by SpaceShips on Space Missions (PvE).

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