3.1. Mystery Shard Unlocking Mechanics

The Mystery Shard unlocking process is key to the value and utility of SpaceShips. This mechanism ensures that SpaceShips are ready for immediate gameplay upon acquisition, especially from the secondary market.

Acquisitions from the Secondary Market

For SpaceShips purchased from the secondary market, the unlocking mechanics are standardised to ensure all ships offer immediate gameplay value:

  • Tier 1: Unlocks all 1,000 shards directly upon staking, maximising immediate usability.

  • Tier 2: Begins with 500 shards unlocked instantly, followed by a daily release of 100 shards until the 1,000 shard limit.

  • Tier 3: Starts with 100 shards unlocked directly, then 40 shards daily until the cap of 1,000 shards is reached.

Mystery Shard Bonus upon Initial Mint

When a SpaceShip is initially minted:

  • Tier 1 SpaceShips, the most premium category, unlock 1,000 shards directly at mint, with a further 200 shards daily until the cap of 5,000 shards is reached.

  • Tier 2 SpaceShips provide a Mystery Shards bonus, with 500 shards unlocked directly at mint, and 100 shards per day thereafter until the total of 2,500 shards is unlocked.

  • Tier 3 SpaceShips offer no bonus, unlocking 100 shards directly upon mint, with an additional 40 shards released daily until the total reaches 1,000 shards.

The vesting mechanism promotes continuous engagement by progressively unlocking Mystery Shards. However, if a SpaceShip is un-staked prematurely, any remaining unvested shards are forfeited. This system encourages strategic planning and long-term participation within the Space Races. For instance, a Tier 1 ship that is un-staked early forfeits potential additional shards. If re-staked, it begins again with the standardised 1,000 shards, without further daily unlocks.

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