Seasons in MekaApes Ascension

Seasons in MekaApes Ascension are designed to ensure the OogaVerse remains dynamic and engaging, preventing the stagnation seen in many blockchain games. By resetting Meka Crews' PvP levels with each new season, all players start on equal footing, fostering fair competition and continuous engagement.

SpaceShips, integral for entry into MekaApes Ascension, are pivotal to this seasonal model. They provide a recurring revenue stream and marketing opportunities, attracting new players each season. Tier 2 SpaceShips, valid for three seasons, and Tier 1 SpaceShips, offering unlimited season validity, are exclusively available during the initial sale, emphasising their unique value. Post-launch, only SpaceShips valid for the current season will be available to mint, maintaining the game's vibrancy and economic balance. This strategy not only sustains the game's longevity but also supports ongoing development, with new features planned for future seasons to further expand the OogaVerse and allow continuous improvement and adaptation to market trends.

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