Pricing and Access Requirements

Sale Format and Phases

SpaceShips will be made available by way of a private presale for our community, with details to be announced on Discord. Once our community has had the opportunity to secure their SpaceShip, a unique public referral sale will replace the traditional whitelist sale, allowing buyers to refer others and earn commissions. More information is coming soon.

Pricing, Tiers, and Access Requirements

  • Tier 1 SpaceShips: These premium SpaceShips offer unlimited MekaApes Ascension season validity, ensuring continuous engagement across all aspects of Stage 2 and beyond.

  • Tier 2 SpaceShips: Provides access for three Ascension seasons, balancing cost with meaningful long-term utility.

  • Tier 3 SpaceShips: Valid for one Ascension season into Stage 2, perfect for newcomers to the OogaVerse.

🏁 All SpaceShips offer unlimited gameplay within Space Races. 🏁

Note: Tier 1 and Tier 2 SpaceShips, offering unlimited and three-season validity respectively, are exclusively available during this initial sale period and will not be offered again. This unique opportunity ensures that early adopters receive unparalleled value, making these tiers especially attractive for those committed to long-term engagement in the OogaVerse.

Access Requirements:

  • Private Presale: Access exclusively for existing holders, verified via a snapshot.

  • Public Sale: Entry requires a referral code. Automatic whitelist access for Genesis Oogas, Baby Oogas, and MekaApes holders, determined by a snapshot taken before gitbook release. The number of SpaceShips mintable correlates with the assets held.

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